Life is sweet at home

New Shingles Vaccine Works Wonders

The horrible itching of chickenpox is one of my first memories. I remember my mother trying to ease my pain with a cold, baking soda bath. Thank goodness, that’s over and I never have to endure chickenpox again! But wait, … Continue reading

It’s never too late to eat healthier

If you are like me, you have some dietary and lifestyle behaviors that you just aren’t going to change. For example, I love fried chicken and I don’t like green tea. Kale fails to excite my salads nor can I … Continue reading

Participate in National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Want to kick-off summer with a healthy bang? Then, consider joining some 100,000 older adults at more than 1,000 nationwide who celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day (NSHFD) on Wed., May 30, 2018. Sponsored by the Mature Market Resource … Continue reading

Experts say Go Easy on the Wine, Caffeine, Chocolate

Rats! Just when we thought some fun stuff could boost our older brains, new research suggests wine, caffeine and chocolate aren’t particularly beneficial. A recent article in the AARP Bulletin highlighted the findings of a new study that looks at … Continue reading