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February is Heart Month – Wear Red for Heart Health

Good chance you know someone with cardiovascular disease (CVD). That’s a big term for heart attacks, strokes and related conditions. This February the American Heart Association (AHA) asks us to celebrate Heart Month by learning more about heart disease and … Continue reading

Part II: Palliative care reduces costs, delivers better outcomes

The title of a recent article published in USA Today says it all: 10,000 SENIORS COST MEDICARE $1 BILLION; CONTAINING COSTS A CHALLENGE AS NATION AGES Well, actually, the real problem is multi- fold: cost, quality and quantity.  Due to … Continue reading

Seniors Use Marijuana

Smoking marijuana isn’t just for teenagers or Viet Nam Vets anymore. Impressive new federal data show a stunning reversal of that age-old stereotype. Middle-aged Americans are now slightly more likely to use marijuana than their teenage children. Recently released research by the Centers for … Continue reading

Marla Beck to Interview on “Gifts” Radio Show Jan. 24

Tune your radio to 1150KKNW Alternative Talk Radio on Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 9: 30 a.m. to hear Andelcare Founder and President Marla Beck interviewed about in-home care. Host of the show “Finding the Gifts,” Lee Kaplanian will ask Marla … Continue reading

Boomers Need Nutrition Advice: Myths vs. Facts

Recently I suffered some ankle issues and visited a non-surgical, orthopedic doctor for advice.  To my surprise he spent 45-minutes with me, taking an in-depth history and offering health and nutritional advice throughout the interview. For example, he asked me … Continue reading