Life is sweet at home

Ideal In-Home Care Clients and Values

Our ideal clients are family members, who really and truly want the best care for their loved one. These clients appreciate what we do best – we pay careful attention to your elder’s needs and preferences. Then, we work hard to match the very best caregiver with the elder’s needs.

Dependable, Trustworthy Family Support

With the right match, both the elder and family members feel a huge sigh of relief. Stresses fall away and family members can take a deep breath because the crisis or transition is under control with dependable, trustworthy care.  Most family members especially appreciate that they can once again relate to the cherished elder in a more traditional and comfortable parent-child relationship as opposed to that of a full-time caregiver.

We Can Handle all Needs

Our ideal clients also appreciate that Andelcare is a one-stop shop for your family’s often evolving needs. We can help families with short term or long term care needs, whether to stay at home or help transition to a facility. All your concerns and questions are important to us, all you need to do is ask.

Coordinate With Professionals

Andelcare is known as a “team player”. We are experts at collaboration and communication with trusted medical, financial and legal advisors as well as specialists such as therapists.

Respect Individual Differences

In addition, clients often thank us for honoring their unique differences. We treasure our clients and treat everyone like family.

Exceptional Care

Clients appreciate Andelcare and our commitment to exceptional service.

Both my parents have dementia and their main caregiver is proactive, alerts us to issues, gets along with Dad and keeps him in a good mood by anticipating his needs.

—Brenda Osterhaug