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5 Guidelines For Finding Home Care Agencies in Seattle WA

5 Recommendations When investigating Home Care Agencies in Seattle WA

We are fortunate to live in a time frame where care at home is feasible for our loved ones as they age. Once limited to nursing homes,  home care agencies were often viewed as a last measure when family members could no longer handle the needs of their loved ones on their own. Home care makes taking care of our loved ones easy and comfortable. The ease of professional, skilled nursing assistants who go to see seniors in their, or their family’s, home, assures that the ideal care is given in cases where health or physical issues limit one’s capacity to care for themselves.

Home care agencies have popped up all over the country. The process of hiring an agency begins with proper investigation and taking the time to examine each agency in order to assess their level of quality, and their nursing staff’s experience, in relation to each family’s individual needs. It’s necessary that each family take the time to make sure the home care agency they employ are up to date in licensing requirements, and that their nursing staff are free from criminal backgrounds. This is primarily true if elder care will be provided when family members are not around to manage when skilled nursing staff comes to visit. A high sense of trust needs to be established between both parties in order to ensure a long-term, favorable, relationship.

The following five strategies are offered to those who are commencing their research into home care agencies for their elderly family members.

1. Referral Sources
Ask friends, family and co-workers for references to local companies they are familiar with. Ask about their personal experiences, good and bad. Contact the elder’s long term care insurance company and ask for referrals (if in-home care is covered by their plan.) You can even contact your family doctor and ask for local references. Your last choice is to try the web, but if you choose this route, make sure to spend extra time studying each company more thoroughly, as you won’t have personal experience to judge these companies by.

2. Background Checks
Once you’ve simplified a short list of companies you wish to investigate further, make sure to ask what types of assessment processes they put their nursing staff through prior to hiring them. Criminal background checks, credit checks, and checking individual references should be customary in all companies.

3. Staff Skills & Experience
Inquire as to what the minimum standards each company requires when hiring their care providers. Do they only hire college educated nurses? Are their care providers certified nursing assistants? Or, do they simply require that their staff have a background in helping care for the elderly? The more complex their requirements, the better care will likely be offered.

4. Company Reputation
Check with your local Better Business Bureau to analyze each company’s general rating. Do they have multiple complaints listed? Are there any remarkable criticisms? You can also try a typical search online by typing in the company’s name and the word “complaint” into any search engine to notice what comes up from the general public’s view.

5. Licensing
Be sure any company you manage has the proper city, county and state licensing up-to-date and in good standing. Eliminate the worry of hiring any company that is not legitimate in practice.

Finally, don’t be shy about asking many meticulous questions. All highly respectable companies pride themselves in customer satisfaction and should be happy to openly, and willingly, provide any and all information to prospective clients. Due diligence on your part will ensure a long-term, favorable experience for yourself and your family members.

If you and your family are researching home care agencies in Seattle WA or the surrounding area, contact the caregivers at Andelcare. We are a home care agency dedicated to providing quality and affordable care to our loved ones. Call 888-788-3051 for more information.