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Experts say Go Easy on the Wine, Caffeine, Chocolate

Rats! Just when we thought some fun stuff could boost our older brains, new research suggests wine, caffeine and chocolate aren’t particularly beneficial. A recent article in the AARP Bulletin highlighted the findings of a new study that looks at … Continue reading

February is Heart Month – Wear Red for Heart Health

Good chance you know someone with cardiovascular disease (CVD). That’s a big term for heart attacks, strokes and related conditions. This February the American Heart Association (AHA) asks us to celebrate Heart Month by learning more about heart disease and … Continue reading

How to Make the Kitchen More Senior Friendly – Budget Tips

According to a recent Costco Connection article, 80 percent of home shoppers rank their kitchens as their favorite space in their homes. Then, it should be no surprise that kitchens are the most frequently renovated rooms in our houses and … Continue reading

Meet Evergreen Hospice

The first thing I noticed about EvergreenHealth Hospice in Kirkland is that the staff and its surroundings made me feel serene. From the moment I was greeted by a trained volunteer to walking around the landscaped gardens, I felt safe … Continue reading

How to plan dementia-friendly holidays

Let’s be honest – the holidays are stressful. There’s all the shopping, cooking and day-of- celebration chaos. The kids are running around like wild monkeys, the babies are crying and the TV is blaring. Combine all this craziness and cacophony … Continue reading