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Alzheimer’s Disease: Finding Simple Solutions to Problems in Seattle WA

Alzheimer’s Disease — Finding Simple Solutions to Problems
By Bob DeMarco

Alzheimer’s caregivers find it difficult to deal with behaviors that come along with Alzheimer’s disease.

Sometimes it is best to find a simple solution to an ongoing problem.

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Here are some examples of simple solutions that work.

The Wallet

I’ve been taking care of my husband, John, who has dementia. John constantly misplaces his wallet and gets upset when he can’t find it. I’ve tried to convince him that he doesn’t need to carry a wallet anymore because I’m taking care of the bills and expenses, but this doesn’t satisfy him.

One day when John was getting quite agitated about his lost wallet and I couldn’t find it anywhere, I came across an old wallet that had belonged to our son. I put a couple of dollars in the wallet and gave it to John — and he was delighted.

I realized it wasn’t that he needed his wallet, but that he needed a wallet. Having money in his pocket meant a lot to John, especially because he’d grown up poor. Now I keep extra wallets on hand for whenever his gets lost, and we’re both much happier.

A Memory Book

My dad has Alzheimer’s and we’ve discovered how useful a memory book can be.

I’ve put family stories and pictures into a nice album. Sometimes we just sit and visit and look at the photos.

It’s also been useful for visitors. If they don’t know what to talk about with Dad, they can always pick up the memory book and share something he enjoys.

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