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Can Treatment Before Dementia Starts Prevent Alzheimer’s for Seattle WA Seniors?

This is an extremely fascinating article about a family considered to be the largest family to experience Alzheimer’s Disease.  Click the link below to read the entire story, and visit us at for caregiving assistance available to seniors and families in the Seattle and Bellevue WA areas.

Alzheimer’s Stalks a Colombian Family

YARUMAL, Colombia — Tucked away on a steep street in this rough-hewn mountain town, an old woman found herself diapering her middle-age children.

For generations, the illness has tormented these and thousands of others among a sprawling group of relatives: the world’s largest family to experience Alzheimer’s disease. Now, the Colombian clan is center stage in a potentially groundbreaking assault on Alzheimer’s, a plan to see if giving treatment before dementia starts can lead to preventing Alzheimer’s altogether.

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