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Caregiver Bellevue WA: Why You Should Keep Caregiving Records

Why You Should Keep Caregiving Records
Written By : Stephanie Roberts

Being a caregiver is often a complex role and can vary widely depending on the needs of the care receiver / patient. In the beginning the caregiver may only be providing a few services such as help with shopping, transportation to doctor’s appointments, or light housekeeping. As time goes on though, additional care becomes required until the senior becomes fully dependent on the caregiver. This is a big responsibility that doesn’t come with a specific job description and the role  played by the caregiver will constantly be changing.

Because of this responsibility and ever changing demands, it makes sense to keep daily caregiving records. Here are 7 reasons why keeping such records is beneficial to both the caregiver and care-receiver.

1. Keeping daily records will allow you to monitor the senior’s progress and continually reassess their needs. This makes it easier for the caregiver to make adjustments and ensures overall better care.

2. Documentation allows you to better inform the senior’s doctors about changes in health and ultimately results in fewer office visits and better responsiveness to medical needs.

3. Caregiving can be stressful. By keeping caregiving records you no longer have to worry about remembering everything. It’s a great way to get things out of your head so you can focus solely on the care needed and not be worrying about something that may have been forgotten.

4. It keeps family members in the loop. There is no longer the to worry about forgetting to mention key details or changes in care; everything is documented for loved ones to see.

5. What if the caregiver is sick? By having everything written down you allow another caregiver to easily provide services. This ensures long term high quality care.

6. Increases satisfaction of caregiver and receiver. By writing daily notes you ensure that both the senior and caregiver are on the same page. This allows either one to bring concerns up and opens the line of communication further.

7. It keeps all the records in one place. By having a single notebook or folder, you no longer have to worry about information being spread out. If you need to retrieve a piece of information about the senior or their health, you know exactly where to look.

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