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Caregivers Bellevue WA: When Mom Needs a Hand

When Mom Needs a Hand

Women usually shoulder the responsibility when elderly parents fall ill

By Denise Ryan, Postmedia News

Six years ago, Carol Lange was at a career peak. After 16 years with a large company she had reached the level of senior executive, and she was jetting around North America. She was in a happy relationship and, in her late 30s, was thrilled to be pregnant with her first child.

Then the phone calls started coming. “My mom had left a few messages, increasingly frantic. She was in her late 70s, and had always been eccentric, but this was over the top.”

Lange wasn’t too concerned -until her mother ended up in Vancouver’s Lions Gate Hospital. Doctors called Lange in to tell her mother had been diagnosed with dementia.

“The doctors said, ‘We won’t send her home unless you put 24-hour care in place. She won’t be safe.’ ” Suddenly, Lange’s world was turned upside down.

Her only sibling, a brother, lived and worked in the United States.

Like so many daughters, Lange would have to shoulder this burden alone.

Statistics show that 60 per cent of women caregivers are responsible for regular care of dependent elders inside the house, including meal preparation, cleaning and laundry.

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