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Caregivers in Seattle WA: Should I Use In home Care?

Should I Use In home Care or Adult Day Care?
by Carol Bradley Bursack, Editor-in-Chief

Adult day care is one of the least known forms of elder care. However, day care is gaining ground as many people begin to realize that it can be used in conjunction with in-home care for more flexibility of care.

Should I Use In-Home Care or Adult Day Care?

You’ve got mom set up for several hours a week of in-home care. She does well enough, but she seems lonely. The caregivers who come to the house are nice and they do their job, but they are all quite young and Mom could use some peer interaction.

Adult Day Care and In-Home Care: Joining the Two Options

Some of the most successful arrangements for elder care that I’ve seen have been a combination of adult day care and in-home care. The adult children like the idea of in-home care to get Mom up and about in the morning, since they must be at their jobs. They also like to know someone can help her get ready for bed. But in the middle, Mom must cope with a long day and the caregivers, even if hired for
the full day, aren’t always geared toward the kind of company Mom likes.

Enter adult day care. Adult day care, or “day services” as some are called, offer many things to an elder but two of the biggest pluses is that the elder gets out of the home and she has peers with whom she can interact. Elders often think they just want to stay home and watch TV, however that is often because they see no other option or they are just used to that life. If the family hires an in-home caregiver, there may be someone to visit with and maybe go through some photo albums or something for entertainment, but there is no peer interaction.

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