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Caregiving For Alzheimer’s Patients in Seattle WA

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Caregiving For Alzheimer’s Patients

It is an understatement to say that taking care of a loved one who is stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease, also known as ‘AD’, is a tough job.

(AD is an illness which results in the progressive loss of brain nerve cells, leading to a gradual decline of mental functions and is the most common cause of dementia).

AD is considered to be among the most stressful illness a family caregiver can face and one of the most physically and mentally exhausting situations in a person’s life.

The demands are so stressful that many studies show that caregiving impairs caregivers’ immune function, escalating the risks of both physical and emotional health problems. Another study indicates that up to 47 per cent of family caregivers experience depression.

As AD progresses in patients, so does the burden of care with a myriad of emotions such as frustration, anxiety, anger and helplessness bottled up among caregivers.

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