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Dementia-More Than Just Memory Loss in Seattle WA

Here is a great article that I found by Senior Daily Living that gives us some insite into Dementia.  Visit us at if you need help for an aging loved one in the Seattle area. 

Dementia-More Than Just Memory Loss

“As we age, we naturally have difficulty remembering things or finding the right words to say. This is normal. However, Dementia is not normal. The condition causes mental changes that make it difficult to function and carry out our normal lives, not just remember names and dates.”

Dementia causes a decline in mental functioning, particularly memory, which makes what was once a simple task into an impossible challenge. There is difficulty finding the right words, and confusion sets in when there are too many tasks at once. There can be a change in personality that leads to
aggression, paranoia, inappropriate or bizarre behavior, or depression.

Dementia in the elderly can take on two different forms; reversible and chronic. When symptoms are reversible, the short-term dementia has been caused by other illnesses or diseases. The National Institute on Aging has classified 100 conditions that can cause short-term dementia. These are often called "pseudodementias", and are treatable. Some examples include:

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