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Elder Care Seattle WA: Caring For Aging Parents

Caring For Aging Parents
Adult children should discuss care ahead of time
Written by, Barb Berggoetz

It’s 3 a.m., and your phone startles you out of a sound sleep.

Your 70-year-old mother has suffered a stroke. You rush to her house nearby to take her to the hospital.

But you’re not prepared. She’s incoherent. You forget the name of her primary care doctor and don’t know what medications she’s taking.

This may be an all-too-common scenario, as adult children struggle to take care of aging parents, and sometimes grandparents, and their often-complex medical needs.

Being a caregiver, even if it’s only part-time or for emergencies, is challenging.

When do you step in? How do you offer advice without being bossy? What can you do to help prevent emergencies? How do you best handle them when they happen?

“Preparing in advance really helps because it helps you to stay calm,” said Tamara Wolske, director of the Center for Aging and Community at the University of Indianapolis. “The more you prepare, the easier it will be to make things simple for yourself and your loved one in a crisis.”

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