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Elder Care Seattle WA: Why I Chose In-home Care for My Loved Ones

Why I Chose In-home Care for My Loved Ones
by Carol Bradley Bursack, Editor-in-Chief

In-home care can be a wonderful bridge for an elder between being able to stay in his or her own home and needing assisted living or a nursing home. Some elders are able to live their lives out with just in-home care agencies to help. Some use these agencies for short times, only. The flexibility in-home care offers is one of its strengths.

When I began my caregiving journey, in-home care was a new idea. I had been my neighbor Joe’s default caregiver since his wife died, as Joe had only one adult child and he lived half a continent away.

For several years, I was able to provide the daily care Joe needed, but after a bad fall and a dislocated shoulder, the hospital we went to told us about in-home care. We said we’d give it a try. The care was short-term for Joe, as I was soon able to, once again, take over his care. However, it was a new beginning for me as I learned to reach out for help from agencies.

In-Home Care: Uncle Wilkes Needs Help

Shortly after Joe died from complications from a fall, my aunt died from cancer. Her husband, my uncle Wilkes, had survived a second stroke with some disabilities, yet he wanted to stay in his apartment. My parents were aging, but could help Uncle Wilkes with some grocery shopping and visiting. I had small children, but I still was able to help with doctor appointments, errands, and visits. However, he needed more than we could provide.

Some of what he needed was companionship. The company we hired was as good as can be expected, in an imperfect world, about consistency in caregivers. There were three women my uncle liked. He had his favorite among the three, but any of the three could make him smile.

When the agency occasionally had to send another person, he was not happy, but that didn’t often happen. These three carers provided companionship, some light housekeeping tasks, help with bathing and other personal care. We, the family, were happy to know someone was with him and he could afford the cost, so it all worked very well. He had in-home care until another major stroke put him in a nursing home.

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In home care is so important for the loved one that wishes to remain in their home as they age. At Andelcare, we provide caregivers to many families who need elder care on a regular basis or temporarily. Call us at 888-788-3051 for all of your home care needs.