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Hiring A Home Care Agency in Bellevue WA

Home care agencies range from medical care to help with daily household chores. If you’re considering  hiring a home care agency in Bellevue WA, ask the following questions.

By Mayo Clinic staff

If you’re recovering from surgery or need long term care for a chronic illness — or you have a loved one facing a similar situation — you may be interested in the services of a home care agency. Home care services range from skilled care provided by nurses or therapists to household support, such as cleaning, cooking and running errands.

Whether you’re planning to enlist the help of a home care agency or hire a personal home health aide, knowing what questions to ask can help ensure that you receive quality assistance.


If you’re considering a home care agency:

  • Is the agency licensed by the state? Most states — but not all — require agencies to be licensed and
  • reviewed regularly. Reviews may be available on request through your state health department.
  • Is the agency certified by Medicare to meet federal requirements for health and safety? If not, ask why.
  • What type of employee screening is done? Can the agency provide references? Ask for a list of doctors, hospital discharge planners or other professionals who have experience with the agency, as well as a list of former clients. Ask doctors, family and friends for agency recommendations.
  • Is the agency accredited by a governing agency such as The Joint Commission, an independent group that evaluates and accredits health care organizations and programs that voluntarily request review? If so, ask to see the results of the most recent survey.

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If you are researching options for a home care agency in the area of Bellevue WA, contact the caregivers at Andelcare. We are dedicated to providing the right care for your loved one. Call 888-788-3051 for more information.