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Home Care Bellevue WA: How long before most people get comfortable with a live-in caregiver?

We’re considering live-in home care in Bellevue WA for my Dad. This will be new for us. How long before most people get comfortable with a live-in caregiver?

Finding a Live-in Caregiver

Many seniors would rather stay in their own homes than have to move to an assisted living facility. However, physical conditions and medical restrictions may require contracting for the services of a live-in caregiver to ensure that aging loved ones receive round-the-clock home care.

Having a virtual stranger living in one’s home may pose some complications at the outset. Some families may find that hiring a live-in caregiver will almost be like having a guest, at least for the first few days. The adjustment takes about a week or so, depending on several factors.


It is important for families considering 24-hour home care to deal with reputable home health agencies who can guarantee that all of their employees are properly screened, credentials verified and references checked prior to sending their caregivers out on assignments.

Experienced live-in caregivers will know how to make the family feel at ease. Caregivers understand that they are in a home in a working capacity and will respect the family’s privacy and routine.

Establishing a Schedule

The client and the family have the final say on scheduling routine tasks. The point of caring for an elderly loved one at home is to make sure that they stay in a familiar place and do familiar tasks according to their own timetable, assuming that they are still capable of making decisions.

Caregivers will understand this need and respect it. A professional caregiver will not disrupt the client’s routine or that of the family’s. Without too much of a disruption, the presence of the caregiver becomes part of the household’s routine within a few days, a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Rapport with the Client and Family

For the most part, experienced caregivers will know how to deal with different personalities. They would have met various clients with different quirks, preferences and biases. A good caregiver handles these situations by striving to stay neutral even in difficult situations such as those encountered with dementia patients.

A caregiver who remains unruffled under stress becomes the calm harbor for the client and the family. This kind of personality blends in very easily with the household.

How to Find a Suitable Caregiver

Typically, home care agencies will have a pool of qualified caregivers available to take on new assignment within a few hours. Families and their aging loved ones need to be upfront about their needs and preferences. Give the assigned caregiver a chance to work with the client. Contact the agency with any concerns.

A dependable agency will find a replacement when the family requests for one. Some families may want to try different caregivers before committing to one.

Caring for a loved at home is a stressful situation, but finding the right caregiver will certainly ease the burden and make the situation more manageable for the family.

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