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Is It Time for Home Care in Bellevue WA For Your Aging Loved One?

Signs that it May Be Time for Home Care in Bellevue WA 

The inability to effectively carry out everyday living activities may indicate that a loved one is in need of assistance

As individuals age, they may begin to experience steady changes in these abilities. The signs that a loved one may need help may often be difficult to distinguish due to the subtle and gradual changes that may not be so evident. Introducing the idea of home care services to an independent family member is often not an easy task; however, talking it over can ease some of the concerns and anxiety particularly if a loved one’s health and safety appears to be in danger.

Falls are fairly common among elderly individuals.

A person who suffers from a fall can experience substantial injuries and just one fall can prevent them from maintaining their independence. It is not uncommon for an aging family member to deny that they have either fallen or have come close to falling as they may fear that they will be placed in an assisted living facility or nursing home as a result. Symptoms such as dizziness or unsteadiness are an indicator that the individual may need around-the-clock assistance to ensure that they remain as safe as possible.

Another sign that someone may be in need of home care services is a noticeable change in weight or appetite.

Substantial weight loss or a significant reduction in appetite may be an indication of an improper diet. In some cases, the elderly may forget to eat or may not have enough strength to prepare a nutritious meal. A professional caregiver can ensure that a loved one is getting enough of the proper foods to maintain their health.

A drastic change in appearance and personal hygiene may suggest the need for a home care evaluation.

It may become increasingly difficult to keep up a regular hygiene routine if the family member begins experiencing mobility limitations. In addition, forgetfulness may often contribute to a lack of hygiene care. Frequently forgetting dates or appointments and failing to remember to take their regularly scheduled medicine is a strong indicator that memory problems are interfering with their ability to function on a day-to-day basis without assistance.

A new illness or recent hospitalization may be a contributing factor to many of these signs.

Remaining aware and alert to certain signs such as these can ensure a loved one gets the assistance they need to remain safe and independent in their home.

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