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Keeping Our Loved Ones Safe & Healthy With Home Care in Seattle WA

Keeping your aging loved one on track with their medications can be a real problem. This is where home care can help. Home care agencies can provide a caregiver to help with many different levels of care and one of them is medication reminders. The caregiver can help remind your loved one to take their meds when they’re due, as well as provide assistance if needed. In addition, the caregiver will be there to help keep track of their medications by making note of what they took and when they took it. Enjoy the following article and contact Andelcare if your family needs help with home care in Seattle WA.

Guidance When Taking Their Medication

Written By : John Jones Jr.

A recent study shows that 38 million seniors suffer drug complications every year, about 180,000 which are life-threatening. Diagnosing a medication overdose can be complicated as well, as often the harmful effects of taking too much medication or the wrong medication is diagnosed as something else, like a stroke or dementia.

Part of the problem involves those myths that have sprung up over the use of medication. For example:

• If one dose makes me feel good, a larger dose will make me feel even better.
• If one drug does not work, I should take two or three.
• If I can buy it over the counter, it must be safe.
• If my physician has not stopped the medication, I can still use it.
• If it helped my friend, it will help me.

The fact that seniors are most prone to medication problems is not surprising when you consider that they 77 percent of those between 65 and 79 suffer from one or more chronic diseases, as do 85% of those over 80. As a result, the average senior ages 65 – 69 fills 13.6 prescriptions per year and those 80 – 84 have 18.2 prescriptions filled annually. In addition, many see multiple physicians for their various ailments.

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