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Home Care Seattle WA: Assisting Patients with Congestive Heart Failure

Home Care in Seattle WA Assists Patients with Congestive Heart Failure – Keeping them Safe and Healthy!

According to the American Heart Association, congestive heart failure basically means that the heart is too weak to pump enough blood throughout the body. While this may happen because of a heart defect or heart attack, it could also occur if the heart muscle becomes weaker over time due to weight gain, continued inactivity and other reasons.

When the heart cannot pump blood through the body, the kidneys do not get enough blood as a result, which means that less fluid exits the body through urine. This extra fluid can then collect in the lungs, around the eyes, in the liver and the legs. The collection of extra fluid is congestion, hence the term ‘congestive heart failure’.


Patients with congestive heart failure generally get weary very easily and may seem short of breath a lot. Also, individuals may seem to gain weight due the fluid collection throughout the body.

Other problems include frequent urination, coughing, loss of appetite, sudden weight gain, especially in the ankles and feet, and a rapid heartbeat. Since these indications may be like to other health problems, a health care professional should make an genuine diagnosis if congestive heart failure is presumed.


Sometimes, a medical professional will order a water pill, which will increase the frequency of urination to help remove the excess fluid from the body. Additionally, medication that helps relax the blood vessels can help the heart pump more efficiency and another medication can help the heart use more force in pumping. Ask your doctor for strategies for the acceptable medications for you or a loved one who has congestive heart failure.

Home Care Assistance

Many times, elderly patients with congestive heart failure may benefit from home care services since they are often weak, tired and out of breath. There is also regular diet, blood pressure, weight and pulse monitoring that should take place on a daily basis.

A private duty home care provider can help the patient with basic tasks around the house and monitor their symptoms. They can also assist with medication reminders.

In addition, a home care companion can help improve the client’s way of life by encouraging plenty of rest and elevating their feet for regular amounts of time every day.

Since the patient should also undertake a low-impact exercise program, home care companions can help get the client out of the house for a nice walk or follow other exercise programs suggested by their physician.

An additional benefit of hiring home care assistance for a patient with CHF is that the home care companion can keep an eye on the client’s diet, limiting salt content and encouraging a healthy diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein. Foods high in magnesium and potassium may be beneficial for heart patients.

Often times, a health practitioner will highly recommend restricted fluids for a congestive heart failure patient and this is something that the caregiver can monitor, as well as encouraging the right type and amount of liquids to drink.

Recording the client’s weight daily can help track how the patient’s fluid retention is progressing, as well as regular blood pressure monitoring on a daily basis.

On top of that, home care service providers can remind the senior to take medications as prescribed. Any symptoms or worsening of the condition, or other infections, illnesses or problems that may worsen CHF can be monitored and reported promptly to their doctor as needed.

Get Help

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, consider hiring home care services. There are many benefits for congestive heart failure patients, including proper daily care, reminders about medication and vitamins, following of the proper diet and recommendations for exercise and rest. While many patients can do a good job of taking care of themselves, a home care provider can help improve the client’s quality of life and may even help extend it!

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