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Home Care Seattle WA: 3 Tips for Taking Care of Aging Parents

3 Tips for Taking Care of Aging Parents
By Doug Lockwood

Home Care Seattle WA
: After years of listening to pundits and commentators talk about the coming demographic transformations in our country, more and more of us are beginning to experience firsthand what this means through our aging parents.

There is no doubt that—for those of us fortunate enough to still have living parents—being able to have your mother and father in your life for many years is a blessing. But with parents living longer thanks to modern medicine and enhanced quality of life, someday we will be called upon to help make decisions for our parents, just like they did for us during our early years.

To say the least, this will be a time of enormous emotional stress that will require substantial mental coping. The situation will be worse if you haven’t considered the necessary financial and insurance preparations. Bearing in mind that the overarching
goal in preparing for your aging parents’ long-term care is to maintain a robust quality of care, which could include in home care, here are three things to consider when preparing for this process:

Prepare early. I can’t tell you how many times I have received a call that goes something like this: “We just found out that our mother has been diagnosed with the early signs of dementia. What can we do to make sure she doesn’t run out of money, and at the same time give her the best care possible?”

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