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Home Care Seattle WA: Exploring Options for Home Healthcare

Exploring Options for Home Healthcare
By Joseph L. Matthews, Senior Editor

You or your loved one may feel that he or she needs home healthcare but find that Medicare (including a Medicare Advantage plan), Medicaid, VA health benefits, and/or private insurance will not — or will no longer — cover it. This often happens when a program or insurance has covered home healthcare for a while but decides that the patient no longer needs that level of care.

If you then start paying for home healthcare out of pocket, it can get quite expensive very quickly — from a minimum of $20 per hour to upwards of $100 per hour. But there are several options to consider other than simply continuing with the same home healthcare and paying for it all yourself.

In-home nonmedical care from an agency

You may be able to get the care your loved one needs without having certified home healthcare. Instead, you may be able to use nonmedical in-home care provided by a home care agency. These agencies can provide different levels of care from personnel with different levels of training. If your loved continues to need some help safely getting in and out of bed or using a bath or shower, for example, a home care agency can send someone trained in those skills. Similarly, a home care agency can send someone at an even lower cost to provide less skilled care, such as simple companionship or help with meals.

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