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Home Care Seattle WA: Managing Alzheimer’s Anger and Aggression

How to Manage Anger or Aggression in Someone With Alzheimer’s Disease
Excerpted from The Comfort of Home for Alzheimer’sTM
By Maria M. Meyer, Mary S. Mittelman, Cynthia Epstein, and Paula Derr, Contributing writers

What to do when someone with Alzheimer’s acts out

At some point in the course of the disease, people with Alzheimer’s may become physically aggressive, although this does not occur as often as popular wisdom says. They may sometimes throw things, hit, kick, bite, or pinch the caregiver or others they come into contact with.

Recognize that acting out is often a symptom of the disease

People with Alzheimer’s may not know why they are doing this, and they may not even realize that they are doing it. Nonetheless, these displays of behavior can be very frightening. Try to remember that these behaviors are probably an indication that the person with Alzheimer’s is very upset about something.

When it looks like he is getting upset, and may seem to be spoiling for a fight, perhaps using threatening language, you may feel frightened and tempted to fight back. Try to stay calm, use a reassuring tone, and distract the person.

Usually, your friend or relative will calm down in a few minutes if you do not bother him.

Take steps to avoid injury

Don’t try to restrain the person. This could cause serious injury to both of you.

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