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How Do Seniors Stay Sharp in Seattle, Washington?

Here is a great article about those aging seniors that are keeping their minds sharp.  If you need help with an aging loved one in the Seattle or Bellevue WA areas, visit

Lucid Old Age: What Do Those Who Keep Sharp Do Right?

My Great Uncle Bill (by marriage) could be in one of these “lucid mind” studies, but he’s too busy. He’s busy researching, writing and having published his many articles on 1880s railroads, along with his volunteer work. He’s closing in on 94, and other than his cane and a bit of a stoop, he doesn’t seem much older than a decade ago. Likely, he’s too busy to notice that he’s considered one of the “very old” who are still spry and mentally sharp.

Aging is getting complicated. These days, to be old enough to be studied as “very old” you’ve got to be in the 90-plus age group. Scientists are looking at people who reach this age with bodies that still work reasonably well and brains that stay sharp and active. Active may be the operative word here, though even that is vague.

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