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In-home Care in Seattle WA Can Fill A Variety of Needs

As our parents age, we can become concerned about their safety and care. In home care is a wonderful option for adult children who find themselves worrying about their parents’ elder care. Enjoy this article from and contact Andelcare if you have questions or need help with in home care for your loved ones.

In-home Care Can Fill A Variety of Needs
by Carol Bradley Bursack, Editor-in-Chief

In-home care is one of the most flexible types of care for the varying needs of our aging loved ones. As a family caregiver with multiple elders to care for, I used in-home care for both short-term and long-term situations. While getting used to “strangers” in the home was an adjustment for my elders, the advantages were worth the stress of change. How can an in-home care agency help you and your loved one?

Prior to my need to find care for my elderly neighbor, Joe, after he dislocated his shoulder, the closest thing I’d seen to “in-home care” was the public health nurse who used to come to our home to give my grandmother her vitamin B-12 shot. That was decades before I became Joe’s caregiver. I simply hadn’t had a need to keep up with care trends.

After Joe’s wife died, it became evident to me that Joe needed someone close by that he could count on. His only child, a son, lived on the east coast, while Joe remained in his native North Dakota. Joe’s total hearing loss didn’t make life any easier for him, as his only contact with his family was by mail. He had some long-time friends to check on him, but that was it. I as his neighbor felt a draw to help him, so I did.

Joe had a history of falling, but his first serious fall happened while he was out in his garage. That time, he dislocated his shoulder. I rode the ambulance with him, accompanied him through all of his medical work, and then chatted with a social worker who insisted we get him some in-home care, at least temporarily.

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Andelcare is the perfect solution to temporary or long term in home care in Seattle WA. If you have questions or need help for your loved one, call us at 888-788-3051. We provide quality and affordable in home care for seniors, veterans and the disabled in our community.