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In-home Care in Seattle WA Can Help Elders Stay Part of Family Functions

In-home Care Can Help Elders Stay Part of Family Functions
by Carol Bradley Bursack, Editor-in-Chief

Caregivers are often torn between wanting their parent, who may live in assisted living, a nursing home or even at home alone, to be a part of family functions, and wondering how they can pull it off. Whether the event is a family wedding or a Christmas celebration, they often think “Grandma would love this.” And then?

How do we combine taking care of Grandma and attending or creating the function itself? How do we pay attention to the bride and groom, if Grandma needs all of our care? Enter in-home care.

Most in-home care agencies do far more than just care for an elder in the home. They are often hired to help elders who want to stay in assisted living, because they don’t feel ready for a nursing home, but need extra health care not provided by the facility.

Even if caregivers are primarily hired for caring in the home, this care generally spills out into errand running and even event care, depending on the type of agency and contract negotiations.

In-home Care Can Offer Major Flexibility

In-home care was quite new when I began my caregiver journey that eventually was to include seven elders, and last more than two decades. Locally, we had only one choice of an agency when I needed help with my neighbor, Joe, and that agency was associated with our local hospital.

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