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In Home Care Seattle WA: Avoid Falls With Home Care Services

Avoiding Slips And Falls By Using Home Care Services

When it comes to preventing falls in the home, you want to make sure that you take all necessary precautions to ensure that the person you’re caring for. The fear of having someone or yourself fall is something that you might think comes with aging, but it is not. Learn how home care can help protect your loved one.

More than 1 in 3 people fall each year that are age 65 or older, and the falling risk is greater for women than men. When the body ages, it decreases the bone density which contributes to these falls and can result in serious injuries if not properly prevented or cared for when it comes to senior care. Elders who fail to exercise regularly is one of the leading contributions since this brings about loss of bone mass and flexibility and a decrease in muscle tone and strength. If you work in home care, or are a home caregiver, preventing falls should be one of the highest priorities on your list.

Factors to Consider to Prevent Falls in the home

  • Are medications causing dizziness on a day to day basis? Are they sleeping medications?
  • Do they get up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water or perhaps use the bathroom without supervision or help?
  • Do they feel off balance throughout the day from time to time or regularly?
  • Have they fallen before, or almost fallen before?
  • Do they grip and hold onto items as they walk around the home?

Safety Factors to Prevent Falls

Improve the lighting in the home. There should be enough lighting throughout the house so when it is dark, and they need to get up to use the bathroom or get water, they can easily access a light. This includes adding railings to stairwells that they might have to go down during the middle of the night. Nightlights are a perfect addition throughout the home that can provide an adequate amount of light.

Install handrails and grab bars throughout the home where necessary, such as by stairs or in the shower.

Move any and all items from top shelves so they are easier to access. Use non skid floor mats and rugs on the floors to create slip resistant areas to walk on, and try not to wax the floors. Remove any rugs or mats that are in direct walkways throughout the home.

Put the thresholds down lower in the doorways to prevent any trips or falls that might occur. Use low and thin piled carpeting throughout the home. You do not want the person to trip and fall on the carpets because they were too thick and make sure they are not worn out or torn up.

Any and all cords and wires should be off the floor since these can cause anyone to trip, not just a person in senior care. They shouldn’t even be placed under rugs since this creates a roll in the rug.

Chairs and furniture around the home should be easy to get up out of, and into without a lot of effort. They should not propose a risk because they are too deep or too low to get in and out of.

Remove clutter to avoid blocking passage ways throughout the home. Have a phone in each and every room with emergency numbers by them or programmed just in case something was to happen.

It does take some effort to make one’s home safe for an aging loved one, but it is worth it.

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