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Seniors Enjoy September’s National Food Holidays

Since September is back-to-school month, I thought that instead of hosting a “food fight,” we would have a “food fest.” So, instead of looking at serious, getting-back-to-work issues, let’s have fun with some of the national food holidays that occur in September.

Delicious biscuits & gravy!

Delicious biscuits & gravy!

In terms of monthly celebrations we can embrace everything from National Biscuit Month to National Bourbon Heritage and Breakfast months. Now, what if we combined the three and enjoyed a crazy month of biscuits and bourbon for breakfast? Wonder what the neighbors would think?

Or we could combine California Wine Month with National White Chocolate Day on Sept. 23. Not a bad idea and a great follow up to biscuits and bourbon for breakfast, eh?

Combining Wine and Chocolate Day

September is wine & chocolate month!

September is wine & chocolate month!

Let’s take the wine month and chocolate day pairing a bit further, shall we? In an article on that subject a la, the authors suggest:

As with food, when pairing wines with chocolate, match lighter-flavored chocolates with lighter-bodied wines, and more intense-flavored chocolates with more full-bodied wines. “Lighter” chocolate doesn’t refer to white and milk versus dark chocolate, but the overall flavor of the piece. Dark chocolates with delicate ganaches, for example, can be lighter in flavor than white or milk chocolate filled with intense caramel or with spicy or nut centers.

When pairing wine with chocolate, you can seek wines that have the same flavor notes as the chocolate (nutty, cherry, mint); or look for contrasts. As with food and wine matches, only you are the arbiter of what works best: There are no absolutes. Some people enjoy a fruity Cabernet or Zinfandel with chocolate, others find them too dry; some love matching Bourbon with chocolate, others find spirits too harsh.

Pairing National Food Weeks Foods

Interestingly, biscuits are big in September. We already noted Biscuit Month, but just in case we missed the invitation, there is also a National Biscuits and Gravy Week (2nd week). I suggest we consider pairing the biscuit celebrations with International Bacon Day (Sat. before Labor Day) and Irish whiskey or Irish coffee (mid-Sept.)

Not to be left behind, the national food holidays for September also list some healthy choices. We could consider focusing on National Organic Harvest and Whole Grains months and throw in Vegetarian Awareness and National Wild Rice weeks. There are a few, but not many, healthy choices in the one-day celebrant category: Acorn Squash (Sept. 7) and Peanut (Sept. 13) and Pickles (Sept. 13).

Most National Food Day Celebrants are Yummy, Fattening!

When I read the list of National Food Day Celebrants, I am struck by the fact that besides acorn squash, peanuts and pickles, the other 33 foods listed are absolutely to-die-for-delicious but not tops on most healthy diets.

But then, if you only eat apple dumplings, cream filled donuts, coffee ice cream, cherry popovers, cheese pizza, chocolate milkshakes, blueberry popsicles, rum punch and cheeseburgers once a year, it probably wouldn’t be so bad.

Oh, yes, lest we forget. September is the month of Welsh Rarebit Day (Sept. 3). Whatever it is, I don’t think it would be very tasty paired with Wienerschnitzel Day!

What is rarebit, anyway? Some sort of rabbit stew?