Life is sweet at home

Marla’s Musings

May 13th is Mother’s Day and in honor of mothers everywhere I’m giving you some ideas for gifts. We have an article that I thought was very interesting on “granny pods”. It’s a creative way to make room for your parents or grandparents without having to remodel your home. You just need some space in your yard.

Another idea is to preserve the love you have for your mother in the form of a photograph. Photographs are powerful and I use my own mother as Andelcare’s “cover girl”. I have been admiring the sensitive and beautiful work of Nancy Medwell. She creates portraits of healing with mothers and daughters and I have included an example of her work. She can provide a treasured photograph that celebrates your relationship with your loved ones. You can view more of her work at We have her coffee table book “Eternal Moments” in our lobby and it would make a great Mother’s Day gift too. 

Drum roll please…. We have more good news and apologize that our newsletter is longer than usual, but…..