Life is sweet at home

Marla’s Musings

Life is definitely full of surprises and never boring. Just when I thought everything was going along smoothly – happily married, diligently working on my business – I received a big shock when having a routine exam with my dermatologist, Dr. Ochs. She removed two moles that looked darker and sent them to the lab.

Less than a week later, Dr. Ochs called to say I had stage 2 Melanoma and could I make a 4 pm appointment. I had the surgery the same day I received the news – at least I didn’t have long to think about it and my surgeon Dr. Schmidek was wonderful. I just have a huge hole in my thigh (have pictures to prove it on my Facebook page that will take a while to heal.

Good news, after my skin cancer surgery all my tests came back negative so that means all the cancer cells were taken out by the surgeon and I’m clear.

Please pay attention to your skin and go have your dermatologist do a whole body skin check at least once a year. Be pro-active in making healthy choices because good health is the most important gift for yourself and the people you love and care for.