Life is sweet at home

Marla’s Musings

It’s hard to believe this picture of me and my friend Sheri was taken only a month ago. We had a great time exploring a cove on Lummi Island that was filled with purple starfish. I temporarily relocated two starfish to show our husbands and then we paddled them right back to their friends on the rocks. I have been reminded lately how I take for granted my mobility and that I have no trouble moving in and out from a bobbing dinghy.
Karen our Director has been waiting for hip replacement surgery (this will be her eighth joint replacement) and is on crutches, she is also “vertically challenged”. I see her struggle just to move in and out of her chair. Unfortunately our office is in an older building and is not very user friendly to Karen. We have made changes to accommodate her limitations and even our neighbors have been so gracious to allow her access through their offices so she can avoid the stairs. We put files and supplies on lower shelves for her and the “tall” people in the office are ready to retrieve items that she is unable to reach. Karen illustrates to me how important it is to have our homes and offices accessible to people who have mobility impairments. Our lease is up for renewal and I am now looking to move to an office that has visit-ability for Karen and our guests. Karen is an important part of our team and it’s important to all of us at Andelcare to make her work environment more accessible to her when she returns from surgery and for all the years to come. I hope this article helps you see how important visit-ability is for your loved ones and maybe yourself one day.