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Indoor Gardening and Senior Care in Bellevue WA

Indoor Gardening and Senior Care in Bellevue WA
Whether Simple or Complex, Indoor Gardening Provides an Enjoyable Activity for the Aging
By Nancy Bobby

If you are caring for a senior, whether as the child of an aging parent or as the caregiver providing senior care services, you know the importance of having a variety of activities to share over the course of a day. Seniors, like everyone else, can suffer from boredom, and those who are not mobile, who have health problems are no different. In fact, it is these seniors, who can’t do as much for themselves, who often suffer from boredom the most. Simple indoor gardening is a fun and beneficial activity for your senior that is easy and inexpensive to do, and will provide hours of enjoyment long after the seeds are planted.

Plan the Indoor Garden to be an Enjoyable Activity for the Senior

When planning gardening activities for seniors, it is important to think about the physical ability of the elderly person. Whether he/she is wheelchair bound, or not especially mobile, has arthritis, visual problems, or even some dementia, this is still a great activity. Consider what the person is able to do, and then choose gardening projects that would be easy for them to participate in, and provide the assistance that they will need along the way.

You may also want to consider if the senior has been a gardener, and their interest and enjoyment in gardening. For an elderly person who has experience in planting, you can help them plan a more complicated indoor garden.

Simple Gardening Activities for Senior Citizens

For an elderly person that needs simple projects, don’t get overwhelmed with elaborate plantings. Choose small gardening projects that will be easy to plant and care for, and that won’t require complicated instructions.

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At Andelcare, we recognize that there are many reasons why a loved one may need senior care. From seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease to patients with disabilities to caregivers needing respite care, we are here to provide quality and affordable home care in Bellevue and the surrounding area. Call 425-283-0408 for information!