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Senior Care in Seattle WA: Celebrating National Garden Month

Making a Difference With Senior Care in Seattle WA: Celebrate National Garden Month with Fun and Helpful Ideas In Your Community

Here are some ways to spread the heart of gardening in your neighborhood.

Plant a Row for the Hungry at a Local Community Garden

In this land of plenty it’s difficult to imagine not having access to high quality food at a reasonable cost. Even so, for numerous Americans, obtaining a healthy meal is not always easy. It’s projected almost 33 million people, including 13 million children, try to use emergency food because they cannot find the money for the food they need.

Host a Plant Swap at a Nearby Church

The finest plants aren’t always from your nearby garden center or seed catalog. As a replacement they are collected through quick cuttings or by collecting seeds from the garden of a friend or family member. These “pass-along plants” supply both natural beauty and sentiment to your garden.

Have a Spring Cleaning Green Up Day at a Senior’s Home

Spring cleaning — indoors and out — is a ritual that marks the end of winter and the beginning of a brand-new season, and just like many things to do, it’s more fun when you share it. A senior’s home, your street, neighborhood, town park, and any other public space could use some greening up; it just takes someone to organize a small group and seniors and those providing senior care will appreciate neighbors stopping by! Yet another way to meet your neighbors.

Yard Sale Philanthropy

The appearance of spring, accompanied by lengthier days and higher temperatures, gives you ideas of green oases teeming with tomatoes and brimming with beans. Spring is also a time for cleaning out. This year, celebrate National Garden Month in an unexpected way-by visiting yard sales in search of second-hand things that every senior’s garden could use.

Organize a Garden Visit with Senior Friends, Over Tea!

Gardeners grow more than plants – every one of us has stories to share. For a change, why not share them in over tea? Socialization and admiration of another person’s garden brings joy to everyone.

Other suggestions for celebrating with seniors in your area:

  • Prepare or take part in a town beautification day.
  • Check out your nearby farmers’ market.
  • Flatter a neighbor on his or her garden.
  • Get together with neighbors to purchase compost and mulch in bulk quantities.
  • Volunteer to plant and maintain a garden at your town library.
  • Present a gardening article or essay to your nearby newspaper.
  • Talk to an elder to learn what foods his or her family grew when he or she was a child.
  • Search for neighbors from various ethnic groups to learn about their native cuisine and gardening techniques.
  • Green up your street or a local park by picking up trash.
  • Share a cutting of one of your favorite landscape or houseplants with a senior neighbor.
  • Inventory your gardening gear (e.g., pots, seeds, stakes) and offer the excess to a local community gardening program, assisted living facility or school garden.
  • Celebrate other important “green” holidays: Earth Day (April 22) and National Arbor Day (April 26).
  • Volunteer at your local school’s garden.
  • Volunteer at a local senior center’s garden.
  • Start a neighborhood garden club.
  • Share your garden’s bounty with a senior neighbor.
  • Have fun doing a gardening project with a senior.
  • Deliver houseplants or flowers to a nursing home, assisted living or children’s hospital.
  • Donate past issues of gardening magazines to your library, or buy the library a gift subscription.

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