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Senior Care Seattle WA: 12 Fun Ways Seniors Can Get in Shape

12 Fun Ways Seniors Can Get in Shape
Take up tango. Hit the bowling lanes. There are plenty of great low-impact exercises for seniors; and the options on this list are fun, too.
By Wyatt Myers

Senior Care Seattle WA: If you’re a senior, few things are more important to your health than exercise. The problem? Many seniors find themselves able to do fewer physical activities as they get older. Frustration often ensues, and this can create a vicious circle that leads to even less activity, further senior health problems, and in some cases, immobility. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Seniors shouldn’t feel that they are limited in the activities available to them. In fact, it’s quite the contrary — there are dozens of exercises for seniors, many of which are non-traditional, low-impact exercises that limit stress on the body and risk of injury.

Here are 12 exercises that are sure to keep you engaged at every age.

12 Great Exercises for Seniors

1. Take up dancing. A recent study at the University of Missouri showed that dancing helped improve seniors’ gait and balance and could help prevent dangerous injuries from falls. “Dancing is a fantastic way to get some cardiovascular benefit, improve your coordination and balance, and meet local seniors who enjoy similar activities,” says Carrie Plummer, MSN, an instructor at the Vanderbilt School of Nursing in Nashville, Tenn. For many types of dance classes, you don’t even have to bring a partner.

2. Become a Zen master. “Research has shown that participating in low-impact exercise classes, such as tai chi or yoga, can help improve strength, balance, and coordination and reduce stress,” says Plummer. “Many yoga poses can be modified to work for those who are less flexible or have decreased upper or lower body strength.”

3. Hit the links. Golf is a go-to game for competitive seniors who want to get back to nature in a fun way.

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