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Spring Cleaning Reminds Us to Downsize

How to Avoid a Downsize Crisis

Downsize before you need to.

Downsize before you need to.

At Andelcare we tend to hear worst case scenarios. It goes like this. An elderly parent falls on the stairs at the old house, breaks a hip and after surgery and rehab is moved directly to an assisted living or nursing facility. The loved one never gets to live at home again.

To avoid this scenario, experts and common sense suggest we take a good look at our living arrangement before a crisis. Do you have to navigate stairs to reach your bedroom, the laundry? Is the house twice as big as you really need?

After making the decision to move to a smaller, one-level living situation, it’s time to move forward with the downsizing. Family can sometimes be a big help or you may want to hire a senior move manager to streamline the process.

Downsize Tips from a Pro Move Manager:

What to keep, give away or trash?

What to keep, give away or trash?

• When you envision yourself living a leaner lifestyle, always keep yourself front-and-center.
• If you get stuck on whether to keep something, put it in a special box for later.
• Ask a grandchild to help you scan photos onto the computer.
• When helping someone with memory problems move, it is best to reallocate items the day of the move so they don’t think they are stolen.

More Downsizing Tips from AARP:

1) Start early – Don’t wait until you sell your home or a tragedy happens.
2) Have a plan. Hit the “heart of home” rooms first. Make four piles — keep, donate, give to family members and trash.
3) Involve the kids. Have a heart-to-heart about items.
4) Keep memories, without the clutter. Making DVDs of photographs is a space-saving option to hauling boxes of old pictures.
5) Donate. Think Goodwill or local museum and get a tax deduction.
6) Be a shrewd yard sale manager. Call it a “moving sale,” advertise in the local newspaper and Craigslist.

What are your tips for downsizing?