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Start Thinking About Tomorrow

4 reasons women should plan for later — now!
by: AARP Education & Outreach

If you’re like most women in the boomer generation, you’ve spent the past few decades of your life focusing on other people. Maybe you’ve raised kids and have been busy putting meals on the table, helping with homework and coordinating everyone’s schedules. Or perhaps you’ve been caring for aging parents and dealing with all the demands that role entails. Or you might have been focusing your energy and attention on building your career.

No matter what you’ve been doing until now, though, it’s time to shift the spotlight so that it’s focused on you. If you’re in your 40s, 50s or 60s, these are the prime years to start thinking about what might happen to you in the years ahead. The sooner you put a plan in place for your long-term care, the better prepared you’ll be for whatever the future holds. Some things to keep in mind:

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