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Vitamin D Linked To Reduced Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk in Seattle WA

Vitamin D Linked To Reduced Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk by Kangna Agarwal  Consider adding vitamin D in your daily diet. A new study suggests that high levels of vitamin D in older adults can cut the risk of heart disease … Continue reading

What a Heart Failure Diagnosis Really Means For You in Seattle WA

(ARA) – Hearing the words “heart failure” from your doctor is a frightening thing. If that is your diagnosis, you’re not alone – more than 5 million Americans are affected by heart failure. But while it is certainly serious, it is not quite as ominous as it sounds. The good news is that there have been tremendous strides in heart care treatment in recent years, which enables patients with the disease to live full, active, normal lives.
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Do Sweat the Heat…Dehydration is Big Stuff

by Vicki Rackner MD July 2010 Here’s something to remember on lazy summer days.  Drink up! Your body’s fluid reserves work just like your checking account.  You stay in balance by putting in the same amount you take out. When … Continue reading

Avoid the ‘Senior Sickness Snowball Effect’ In Bellevue WA

(ARA) – An emerging health trend where a relatively simple illness leads to a number of physical and lifestyle changes is impacting seniors around the country, say immune system researchers from Embria Health Sciences, co-founders of the Nourish America Senior Health Project. Continue reading

The Golden Years for Seattle, Washington Seniors

Aging may seem like a pain, but a new study suggests that getting old is no reason to despair. The study, based on a Gallup poll from 2008, finds that most people feel increasingly happy starting around age 50. Continue reading