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Why Gardening is Great For Seniors in Bellevue WA

Why Gardening is Great For Seniors

Written By : SeniorsList

Gardening in our retirement years can be a great experience.  Not only does it provide a place of respite and peace, but it provides a great source of exercise.  In fact, the medical community now recognizes the power for hobbies and everyday activities to provide exercise for the body.  Just think of all the movements it takes  to grow and maintain a garden.  You’re digging, carrying dirt, bending down, standing up, and moving your muscles and joints.  No wonder gardening is such a
great activity!  And that’s not to mention all the fresh air and sunshine you get as well.

To continue to receive all these benefits it’s important for you to adapt your garden to your lifestyle and physical needs.  You don’t want to create a garden that’s too big and you can’t manage the work every day or get discouraged.  Likewise, if you have difficulty crouching down or bending, perhaps hanging pots will work best.  Be sure to create your garden around your physical needs so you can enjoy the process for many years to come.

Using light warm-up exercises before working on your garden can prevent damage to your muscles and joints.  Try bending your knees a few times, rolling your wrists, and moving your neck from side to side.  Remember – don’t do anything that causes pain or overwork yourself.  Overdoing it and causing injury may keep you on the sidelines for far longer than you want.  Also, be sure to use the right tools with comfortable grips and weight.

The Benefits of Gardening

Carrying bags of soil and flats of flowers is great for cardio and muscle-toning.  

Just be sure not to carry something too heavy.  If you need to, break the work into separate shifts so you don’t overdo it.

All this work keeping up a garden is also great for your cardiovascular health.  All the things you do to maintain a garden like digging, planting, and just walking around allow you to deepen your breathing and elevate your heart rate.  Again, do what is invigorating and feels comfortable.


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