Life is sweet at home

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

painterDo you worry that your loved one is safe while they are alone? Are you the primary caregiver and starting to feel stressed and need time for yourself?

Our caregivers are specifically trained to work with and understand the special needs of the Alzheimer’s and dementia care client. Andelcare caregivers focus the kind of compassionate, one-on-one attention on your loved one that encourages safety, health and peace-of mind. Let us help.

  • Maintain safe living environment
  • Companionship and Personal Services
  • Life Enrichment Activities developed for individuals through each stage of care
  • Resources and information

Both my parents have dementia and their main caregiver is proactive, alerts us to issues, gets along with Dad and keeps him in a good mood by anticipating his needs.

—Brenda Osterhaug