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Special Needs Care for Seniors

As part of the care management team, Andelcare caregivers stand ready to provide respectful, compassionate care for adults with specials needs such as physical or cognitive challenges. We have the ability to coordinate community services, represent out-of-town family members and provide respite care. Our goal is to help individuals and families by providing customized assistance that fosters life assistance, independence and dignity.

Our RN Care Managers help develop a care plan that incorporates and coordinates with community resources. They also often serve as the eyes and ears of the out-of- town family, monitoring the adult’s group home or other living situation.

One of the most important special needs care services we provide is respite care for families. Our caregivers can step in for an hour or for long periods to offer the family a temporary break.

We understand that caretakers of adults with special needs often face serious problems and stress as a result of balancing the needs of their caregiving with the needs of other family members. The breaks that respite care provides, allow families time to tend to the needs of their children, spouses and themselves.

When my 101 year-old mother had a small stroke, the caregiver stayed with her at the emergency room for four hours while we drove up from Oregon.

—Peter Norman
  • RN oversight
  • Promote integration into local community
  • Research and utilize community resources
  • Represent out-of-town family members
  • Offer respite care
  • Bill Paying Services