Life is sweet at home

Client Stories

  • Letter Thanks Andelcare In-Home Care for Making a Difference

    To the Andelcare Staff:

    This is the last check I’ll send you, as Betty has moved to an adult family home. I want you all to know how much you’ve meant to our family over the last several years as you’ve cared for Betty (and Jack when he was ill with cancer).

    Your caring, dedication, and friendship enhanced their lives a great deal and allowed them to stay in their home much longer than otherwise would have been the case.

    Thank you for all you’ve done. You’re wonderful people who make a real difference in people’s lives.

    —Craig P., Shoreline
  • Andelcare Helps Dad Live at Home

    Even though my father-in-law had dementia and spinal deterioration, he was insistent on living by himself, so the in-home care Andelcare provided allowed him to live independently and gave us a sense of security as to his well-being.

    Recommend Andelcare? Of course! Andelcare worked hard to match him with the perfect caregiver!

    —Gaylene V., Mercer Island
  • Mom’s Caregiver is an “Angel”

    My 89-year-old mother lives at a facility with van transportation, but she won’t use it or a taxi. So, after a few tries, Andelcare found the perfect caregiver to drive mom around. When Robert arrives, he comes in for a little chat; then, they usually take a drive to the Seattle waterfront or through the arboretum, stop at a bookstore or drug store and have lunch.

    We call Robert our “angel” because he is so patient. We know Mom really loves her time with Robert because it is the one and only thing she remembers!

    Also, we love Andelcare’s responsiveness! For example, Mom recently lost her purse when they were out. We called Andelcare, which with its great tracking system knew exactly where they had been so we could easily check for the purse.

    We are so grateful to have Andelcare!

    —Sally L., Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • Companionship is Key to Rewarding Home Care

    A doctor and nurses referred Andelcare. Currently, our Andelcare caregiver comes M, W, and F to stay with my 90-yr-old mom, who has lung cancer. She has all her faculties but is on oxygen. Mom really likes having a schedule that she can set her clock by. The caregiver makes sure she gets lunch, keeps safe and untangles the oxygen cord.

    I’m not sure care is 100% necessary to mom, but it’s more for me than mom that she be provided this care.

    Why for me? Because I respect her. She’s all there and capable of doing most things but I like to have peace of mind. Besides I just about lost my job due to the fact that I spent 100 hours of vacation time taking care of her and my commissions went through the floor.

    Now she knows someone will show up to be with her & help with a few chores.

    Andelcare caregivers are family centric. They are comfortable dealing with elders and understand why I want to keep my mom at home. If we moved her to a facility she’d die.

    Recommend Andelcare?  – Definitely!

    —Michelle B., Seattle
  • Andelcare Helps with Disease Management

    In 2007 I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease called progressive muscular atrophy (PMA). Now, at the age of 58 I have lost the use of my legs and get around in an electric wheelchair. Last year when my wife was planning a trip, I researched agencies and on a friend’s recommendation I called Andelcare.

    My caregiver is an angel! I would tell you her name but someone might steal her away!  She has been coming over a year for 2 hours in the morning M-F for toileting, dressing, showers, breakfast and helping my wife with the kids and other chores.

    All my caregivers from Andelcare have been special, giving, loving people. It’s about the people, It’s not about fancy credentials or certificates. They make me feel comfortable and secure.

    They all have had the greatest response and biggest warmth for me, all have my best interest at heart.

    —Bob B., Bothell
  • Homemaking, Companionship & Communication Score with Son

    Mom Nina (84) has been living with minimally debilitating Parkinson’s. After meeting with 3-4 gals, things have really settled down now that we have the right fit. We are very happy with Andelcare. Mom’s caregiver comes for three hours one day a week to help mom in her own home with bathing, shopping, and housework.

    A really important feature is that the girl’s visit is a social experience.

    Another thing I really like is how proactive Andelcare is about communication. Staff has called me on occasion to ask if we needed help on a holiday. They have also called to check if an independent decision by mom is appropriate. They recognize how important it is to check.

    —Keith T., Seattle
  • Disease Management & Dementia Care Rescue Daughter

    Both my parents use Andelcare caregivers. They have two different and unique issues. About a year ago my mom Nova (85) suffered a stroke, probably as a result of caregiving her husband John (87), who has frontal lobe dementia (causes aggression, emotional outbursts, anger & violence).

    When Nova had the stroke and was hospitalized, John was put in a memory care home. Andelcare has helped mom at home for the last year. At first Andelcare provided mom with 24-hour care, which was reduced to 12 hours and soon will be down to 8 hour care.

    Andelcare has risen to the occasion. A few days before mom was released from the hospital, I called and interviewed and they were on it. Andelcare sent over three ladies to the hospital to begin training immediately. Mom liked them & they hit it off. Mom has been happy with her caregivers and with their care she is getting better and better and can be more independent.

    My dad is a harder case. His dementia creates emotional imbalances, so we must supply 24-hour care to him in the memory care facility.

    If it wasn’t for Andelcare I would be doing it myself. So the good news is we can afford it. The caregivers relieve the pressure, especially off me. It’s also a huge relief to know both parents are being well taken care of so I can live my life.

    The main thing from a relationship stance is that you can remain their daughter or son instead of their caregiver. That relationship needs to stay that way because caregiving also breeds resentment.

    Even if it hurts, and it does hurt our finances, it is good for me, mom and dad. I do it for myself.

    I am very grateful to Andelcare. They have been very accommodating, easy to work with and the prices are comparable to other services.

    If you can afford it, reach for some caregiving from a company like Andelcare for your own personal life, marriage, friends and for self and peace of mind, knowing your loved one is being well taken care of!

    —Roberta H., Seattle
  • Client Appreciates Heartfelt Hospital-to-Home Transition Care

    In early 2012 I underwent emergency surgery to fuse five discs. After several weeks in the hospital, I (age 53) went home and for the first month used another agency.  Then, I hired Andelcare. The difference between the two was like night and day, with Andelcare the day!

    At first I needed an Andelcare caregiver every day, but these days I use help three times a week for 5 hours per day. All my caregivers have been good, nice people and professional, even those who are filling in. We’ve really become friends.

    What makes a good caregiver?

    It’s a certain kind of person, a caring person. Not everybody can do this. You’ve got to have heart.

    —Douglas D., Seattle
  • Bathing & Companionship Brighten His Wife

    My wife has moderate dementia. I was giving my wife her baths. But it was just too hard so I decided I needed some help.

    These days, an Andelcare caregiver comes over for one hour, once a week to give my wife her bath. Her caregiver couldn’t be any better. My wife enjoys her hour, talks…it brightens my wife up.

    —Skip D., Seattle
  • Caregivers Show Sensitivity to Both of Us

    My husband Len suffered from strokes as a result of viral meningitis and was paralyzed on one side of his body. He was a big guy and had trouble transferring.

    I was very happy with most of our Andelcare caregivers, they were really nice guys. In fact, they were very sensitive to my husband Len’s needs, sometimes better than I was.

    They were the only way I could survive; I couldn’t do it without Andelcare’s help!

    We especially appreciated how one caregiver made himself right at home and cooked interesting meals for us. Another was so sensitive. Sometimes he would just sit and hold Len’s hand.

    They were very gentle and Len was a lot happier when they came. The guys were really nice to me, too, even when I was a jerk sometimes.

    Thank you, Andelcare, for everything you did. We couldn’t have done without you.

    —Sharon C., Seattle
  • Homemaking Caregiver Goes Beyond the Call of Duty

    We absolutely recommend Andelcare!

    Mother needed more assistance around the house so we checked out several agencies; but we especially liked the one a family attorney and another friend recommended – Andelcare. What helped us the most to get started was that Andelcare was good to start with one hour. Also, my mom was born in Austria and she appreciated the name “Andelcare.”

    We were very impressed with Eileen’s thoroughness and how quickly the company answered our questions and started service.

    For awhile caregivers came in the morning and evening to help Mother with her meds, hygiene stuff. We live in Seattle and Oregon so it took a lot of anxiety out of the equation for us.

    Then, recently when Caregiver Emma came in the morning, she found mom in bed. Mom couldn’t get up.

    Emma was fantastic! She called the consulting nurse at Group Health, arranged for aid car transportation to the hospital and accompanied mom to Virginia Mason Hospital, where we learned she probably suffered a small stroke. Emma stayed with Mother all day and called us with updates while we drove up from Oregon.

    It doesn’t get much better than that!

    How old is Helen? Are you sitting down? She’s 101 and as spunky as ever!

    —Peter N. , Oregon
  • Former Caregiver Picks Andelcare for Mom

    I am a former caregiver, so I can tell a good caregiver that really wants to make an impact that day and we have had some very good people through Andelcare.

    I spent a lot of time researching home care agencies and preparing for my mother’s needs moving from Colorado to Bellevue. I was attracted by Anderlcare’s newsletters, reviews, awards and I found the prices comparable. Most of all, I liked that Andelcare was a local business, not a big chain and they do more background checks on their employees.

    Although it took a few tries to find a good fit, Andelcare was very accommodating and flexible when they needed to juggle caregivers to achieve the right match. So we made a list of what we wanted: spend time with Mom, go for walks in the neighborhood and help with a few chores.

    At age 82 and suffering from Alzheimer’s, my mother needed someone with her. At first Andelcare came 6 hrs a day M-F while my husband and I work. Later mother talked us into 4 hours a day. These days she goes to a Senior Daycare Service, but we still use Andelcare for respite care.

    Mom’s last caregiver was really nice and gave her lots of attention and conversed with mom at her level as well as shared the same faith. I really appreciated Andelcare helping us match the faith.

    —Bonnie S., Bellevue, WA
  • Andelcare’s Marla “Got” her Mother

    It has been a number of years, but we were living in Virginia and my mother lived in the family home in Seattle. She wanted to live at home so I got a list of agencies and interviewed several, including Andelcare.

    When I met Marla (Andelcare founder), that sealed the deal. She “got” my mother and how particular she could be. Life wasn’t much fun for Mother and Marla found upbeat people to help Mother with her mobility and COPD.

    If anything would go wrong with scheduling, Marla would come over herself and take charge. Mom adored her. With Andelcare’s help we were able to keep Mom at home as long as possible. Even after 24-hour in-home care didn’t work and we moved Mom to a facility, Marla still came over to visit.

    What made the difference? Andelcare caregivers were respectful of what Mom wanted to do and helped her accomplish as much as she could. They treated her as the intelligent human being that she was.

    Andelcare caregivers helped her maintain her independence and dignity. They were like friends.

    Andelcare also helped me get on with my life. Mom didn’t want me to drop everything. The care she received helped us maintain a really good relationship. If we needed to change any of the caregivers, Andelcare tailored the service to her needs, personality and preferences.

    —Marcie S., Virginia
  • Around-the-Clock Care

    My husband Brewster (88) has advanced Parkinson’s and we have had Andelcare caregivers around-the-clock for years. They are wonderful, nice and very kind.

    —Patricia Denny (87)
  • Caregivers Help with Respite Care

    After a diagnosis of cancer and tumor surgery, my husband Bill (age 72) convalesced at a recovery center for two months before heading home. I was very impressed with Andelcare’s brochure and when Eileen came out to interview us she was thorough, conscientious and asked appropriate questions.

    I have COPD so hired we hired an Andelcare caregiver for 3 hours, twice a day for awhile before Bill had a second surgery and another recovery. Now we are working with Andelcare for care for 2 hours, twice a day.

    Although we have had ups and downs with our caregivers, Andelcare has been very good about honoring my requests. Due to the fact that my husband is terminal, we are currently in the process of setting up more hours.

    Andelcare has been really good about checking how each caregiver is doing and to the best of their ability taking care of our needs. Overall, I am very happy.

    We have no family and no children so we are totally on our own and our friends are in worse shape than we are. So, it is really important to have a place to turn to such as Andelcare to take some of the burden off.

    Also, the caregiver here gives me a chance to get away for some time to myself. My husband is very demanding and I’m homebound, too; so the service gives me a break.

    —Linda G., Kirkland
  • Couple Talks about Mom’s Care

    David S. says:

    Andelcare caregivers helped our mom Juanita (age 92) one time a week for about a year. It has definitely been a positive experience, helping her wash her hair, bathe, personal care. If she would let them come more often, there are lots of chores they could help with.

    -David S., Renton (son-in-law)

    Betty S. says:

    We want to keep mom independent in her apartment at Merrill Gardens, but she needed a “shower, shampoo and safety!”

    Mom is clumsy and takes little goofy steps and might fall on a wet surface, so we were thrilled when Andelcare was recommended to us at a Senior Health Fair at Valley Medical Center. All the other agencies we talked to wanted a minimum of four hours. That would be impossible considering she didn’t want anyone!

    But for one hour once a week for more than a year we have been very satisfied with her Andelcare caregivers. Andelcare is a delightful group to work with and we are grateful for its flexibility and help.

    They are willing to do more and help with other tasks, but Mom won’t ask them.  I’m just happy that Andelcare will come and make sure her skin gets cleaned at least once a week.

    It’s filling a huge need for us. I do most of her other chores and now I do pills and bills, but I can’t do the shower. It would not make our relationship better.

    —Betty S., Renton, (daughter, RN)
  • Hospital-to-Home Transition Care Relieves Family

    Our Andelcare caregiver saved the day after my 80-year-old father Morey underwent painful hand surgery.

    When dad was near discharge at the hospital, dad’s girlfriend realized that she couldn’t care for him 24/7. We called Andelcare and although it was a lot to ask of the situation, Anderlcare called right back and sent Abraham to spend that night.

    Abraham stayed three nights and he was fantastic, spectacular, the two bonded immediately! He was a breath of fresh air and raised Dad’s flagging spirits.

    Andelcare was able to provide the perfect person on extremely short notice for night time with a caregiver my father was immediately comfortable with. Abraham provided wonderful care when we really, really needed it. Andelcare got us over the hump and, no doubt, saved us more crises.

    —Margie W., Seattle
  • Caregiver Understands Both Mom and Dad

    At age 92 Dad was a tough client because he didn’t think he and Mom (age 89) needed oversight. But Mom really needed the help, especially after Dad’s hip surgery.

    Andelcare did as much as they could to work with him. Although it took awhile, Andelcare  found the perfect caregiver who understood both of them. She was an angel, did everything they asked and understood the elder situation. Our Andelcare caregiver did a phenomenal job.

    In addition, Carol at Andelcare was incredibly involved and professional as was the weekend staff, who was prompt and understanding about Dad’s challenges.

    —Paul S., Ellensburg
  • Andelcare Drives 93-Year-Old to Appointments

    Would I recommend Andelcare? Absolutely!

    At age 93 I used Andelcare mostly for transportation for errands and appointments. My drivers were all just great. They were polite, on-time and seemed happy making sure I got in and out of my appointments safely.

    At my age and walking with a cane or walker, it’s nice to have someone watching you. I will call Andelcare when I need more care.

    —Jeanne J., Seattle
  • Caregiver Picks up the Slack

    Our Andelcare caregiver was a good match for Kelly (age 100) and was flexible and sensitive enough to see that I needed help, too. His training helped him take that into consideration.

    So, often he would pick up the slack, help clean, change sheets, pitch in on chores. He really helped me because when caring for Kelly, I couldn’t do the everyday house maintenance chores.

    —Judy Foss (age 60s, married to Kelly Foss 25 years)
  • Companionship Made a Difference with Mom

    Mom’s (age 86) Andelcare caregiver was great. I think having another person as a companion was the most important thing. The support Andelcare provided was very important because we couldn’t leave the house unless someone was there. It gave us a much-needed break.

    —Jane O., Seattle
  • Andelcare Helps Man Live at Home

    My old family friend Steve has dementia. He is a bit of an eccentric individual and very picky and sometimes difficult.  Andelcare stays with Steve 24-hrs/day – that’s the only way he can live in his home.

    Yes, I would recommend Andelcare  – It has worked out well, perfectly fine.

    —Myron L. (POA), Seattle
  • Mom and Client Refer to Andelcare

    Mom (age 91) has loved most of her caregivers, but one provided exceptional care, did more than she was asked and was very confident and caring.

    In addition, the Andelcare staff immediately took care of any problem and worked hard to fill a difficult split shift.

    When I looked at all the different companies, I liked that Andelcare was local, it had won awards for training and the reviews from the Bellevue Chamber were so positive. I worried about the quality of a franchise. Mother and I have referred several people to Andelcare.

    —Arlene P., Federal Way
  • Companion Caregiver Treats Dad with Respect

    I like that Dad’s (age 91) Andelcare caregiver keeps the house tidy and helps with transportation and chores. But most of all, I like the idea of someone for Dad to talk to, for everyday companionship.

    Yes, I would recommend Andelcare. They found a good match for dad, an older caregiver who is easy for Dad to talk to and understand. The caregiver treats Dad with respect and appreciates his abilities and interesting past.

    —Jerry R., Lake Stevens
  • Companionship Most Important for Grandma

    Our Andelcare caregiver helps my grandparents, both age 95, twice a week for three hours with bathing, chores, lunch and errands. The most important thing she does is provide companionship for my grandma. Grandpa is hard-of-hearing and doesn’t talk much.

    The process is easy and the staff takes care of everything. Everyone is very accommodating, gentle and caring. It’s easy to trust Andelcare.

    I would absolutely recommend Andelcare!

    —Kelsey E.
  • Daughter Has More Time to Just “Visit”

    Both my parents have dementia (ages 88 and 81), so Andelcare comes five days a week for three hours. All of the caregivers are good quality people, very professional, caring and conscientious, but their main caregiver is excellent! She is proactive, alerts us to issues, gets along with Dad and keeps him in a good mood by anticipating his needs.

    Andelcare has helped my parents live in their house as long as possible and has taken the burden off me. Now I have more time to just “visit” and take care of their personal needs.

    —Brenda O., Seattle
  • Andelcare Helps Dad Live at Home

    Even though my father-in-law had dementia and spinal deterioration, he was insistent on living by himself, so the in-home care Andelcare provided allowed him to live independently and gave us a sense of security as to his well-being.

    Recommend Andelcare? Of course! Andelcare worked hard to match him with the perfect caregiver!

    —Gaylene V., Mercer Island
  • RN Thanks Andelcare

    I want to personally acknowledge and thank everyone for all you have done to provide services for my parents who have been very pleased with the assistance they received at Andelcare. My sister and I as well as their home health providers, doctors, facility employees, friends and family are all relieved to know they are safer receiving all the attention your care providers are giving them.

    Their lives are easier and they are more comfortable.

    —Dianne N., Bothell, RN
  • Clinic Appreciates Caregivers and Staff

    To all the wonderful staff at Andelcare,

    I’d like to take this moment to thank you all for your hard work and dedication in the past year. We consistently get great feedback about your caregivers and your responsive staff.

    —Megan M., Crisis Clinic
  • Daughter Values Caregivers’ Compassionate Hospice Care

    Dear Carol,

    I am writing to ask that you please give the enclosed thank you notes to Tracy and Kevin for the care they unselfishly gave to my father Roy.

    Tracy and Kevin’s knowledge of care-giving, hospice compassion and attentive ways were gestures they made on Dad’s behalf that will always be remembered by me and my family. These are qualities that enabled Roy to live out his final days as he wished, within his Fairwinds community in his comfortable apartment, he called home.

    Great thanks and appreciation goes out to Tracy and Kevin, plus the Andelcare staff for helping my beloved father achieve peace as he completed his life journey of 82 years and passed away in his home.

    —Sheryl S., Seattle